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20+ Years of Ecological Action

Posted by SEEDS on Feb 22 , 2023 - 10:59 am

We hold a deep-seated belief in the distributed power of the grassroots to change the world. That is why we prioritize engaging networks and stakeholders in practical climate action.

Congrats to Marlo, a Corpsmember of the Year Finalist!

Posted by SEEDS on Dec 12 , 2022 - 08:17 am

We are ecstatic to announce that EcoCorps Crew Leader Marlo Wilcox is a Corpsmember of the Year finalist! This esteemed award from The Corps Network recognizes young adults who have demonstrated leadership abilities, gone above and beyond, and leveraged their service experience. That's Marlo in a nutshell!

4 Moments to Warm Your Heart

Posted by SEEDS on Nov 23 , 2022 - 07:37 am

At SEEDS we are working together to regenerate nature. As we reconnect in nature for a shared purpose, we're building our relationships with each other!

Jennifer Flynn is a Friend of the North Country Trail!

Posted by SEEDS on Nov 17 , 2022 - 08:32 am

We are thrilled to share that EcoCorps Program Director Jennifer Flynn received the "Friend of the Trail" award from the North Country Trail Association!

Restoring Forest Habitat with EcoCorps

Posted by SEEDS on Oct 28 , 2022 - 06:37 am

We're continuing our decade-long collaboration with the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service to improve National Forests. SEEDS EcoCorps program restores critical habitat and provides paid ecological-career training at the same time.

Pollinator Allies

Posted by SEEDS on Aug 09 , 2022 - 09:50 am

Pollinators are a critically-important part of a biodiverse and resilient future. That's why we are sharing our love for pollinators (and all of nature) with the young leaders we work with across Michigan.

SEEDS EcoSchool Students Making Maple Syrup!

Posted by SEEDS on Apr 20 , 2022 - 07:56 pm

SEEDS EcoSchool at Forest Area Middle School is getting students outside and learning through a very place-based activity: maple sugaring. Their 30-acre school forest and recently built sugar shack make an incredible hands-on classroom!

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