To All Our 2019 Supporters, a BIG BIG Thank You!

Posted by SEEDS on Jan 30 , 2020 - 12:00 pm

Positive action breeds hope, that's why implementation is at the core of our mission and we just can't do what we do without your investment!

When you support SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers, you are investing in planet-friendly experiences and activities for all ages. This can mean fifth graders learning to love wetlands, career training for young adults in land restoration, or technical coaching for adults who want their institution or neighborhood to get 'greener.'

Are we outraged by violence, global warming, and habitat destruction? Absolutely, but our heads are not stuck in the sand. We face the future with hope, because we face that future with you. Together, we are improving quality of life and literally reverse global warming - and each light bulb, compost bin, and voice counts!

It is heartwarming and humbling to look back on SEEDS history of stories and outcomes. It is terrifying and exhilarating to look ahead at what we still need to accomplish together.

To everyone who has given us their child for the afternoon, granted us funding, or partnered with us in other ways, you are personally responsible for our success. Thank you so very much for trusting us.

On behalf of the Staff and Board, here's to what we get to do next!


Sarna Salzman, Executive Director

P.S. Visit our gratitude pages on our website, and if you find a typo in your name, you will get a prize!

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