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Taking Physics to the Slopes!

Posted by SEEDS on Feb 28 , 2019 - 12:09 pm


Physics concepts are not limited to textbooks and classrooms! SEEDS After School in Forest Area Middle School took a hands-on approach getting students to design their own racing sleds out of found objects and tape. They learned about inertia, kinetic energy, friction, and more. 

Students worked in small groups and used their new knowledge of physics to create an aerodynamic sled design. They problem-solved issues of drag, weight, and even the incline of the racing hill.  

Hands-on lessons improve student comprehension and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math.  Getting outside doesn't hurt either!

"The sled-building project is probably my favorite annual event at SEEDS Forest Area! Over the course of a month I see students learning about physics, practicing group process skills and problem-solving, being incredibly creative, and engaging with nature and their community. Oh, and having fun! Lots of fun!" - Joe Kreider, SEEDS Forest Area Site Coordinator

Fostering a love for STEM subjects (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) is a top priority for SEEDS. One in every three K12 contact hours is STEM related! You can help us help kids by becoming a donor today.

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