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20 Highlights of the 2020 EcoCorps Season

SEEDS EcoCorps made a big difference across the state this season. Take a look at some of our favorite projects helping communities and habitats this year!

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Bubbles Returns Home!

SEEDS After School students at Rapid City Elementary hosted a Nme (Lake Sturgeon in Anishinaabemowin) in their classroom and then escorted it to the Black River.


Moving Needles in the Right Direction

"Through my internship at SEEDS, I discovered that I am really passionate about public policy and working with local governments." - Dana Pflughoeft, Undergraduate at St. Olaf College

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IRL (In Real Life) Friendships

"I thought by joining SEEDS I could make new friends and do activities with different people. And it worked!" - Abby, High School Student
Young Adults Do Like the Skilled Trades!

There are 3 million unfilled skilled trades jobs in the U.S. The SEEDS EcoCorps offers young adults the opportunity to see if hands-on and outdoor jobs are right for them.

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Global Warming Solutions at the Park

SEEDS installed and is piloting new solar-powered pathway lighting at Historic Barns Park and the historic farmland in Historic Barns Park is being cultivated for food again.

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