SEEDS Out-of-School Time

Art & Music

A Box of Crayons

Celebrate diversity 

Build a Bird House 

Step by step directions to build a house for eastern bluebirds 

Environmental Art Sculpture Challenge 

We invite your family to create environmental art sculptures

Flower Press

Learn to make a flower press to save flowers, leaves and other plants. 

Holiday STREAM Fest  

A flurry of science and family fun! 

Joey the Kangaroo  

A very special coloring books for kids to help cope with COVID-19 

Listen & Roll 

Questions about music

Make Your Own Soap

Make bars of soap using the melt and pour method 

Make Your Own Trilobite

Color and make your a Triobite. Printing Required. Find out more about Trilobites here.

Michigan Coloring Page & Word Search 

Explore Michigan from your home! Printing Required. 

Outdoor Photography Challenge  

Try out these photography techniques in the great outdoors.

Oven-bake Clay 

Express your imagination through polymer oven-bake clay.

Plant Diagrams: Biology and Art

SEEDS Recipe for Science

Surface Tensions and Colors

SEEDS Recipe for Science

The Perfect Pet 

Make your own pet rock 

Three Cheers for Trees 

Think about a world without trees

WWF Coloring Pages

Wildlife coloring pages from the World Wildlife Foundation. Printing required.