SEEDS Out-of-School Time

STEM Activities

Air Plants 

Learn how plants play a part in breathe we take  

Ants on a Twig 

Explore the similarities and differences between ants and humans 

Arbor Day Activities 

Celebrate Arbor Day with this booklet of activities. 

Arctic Animals and How They Stay Warm

SEEDS Recipe for Science

Around the Clock 

Build a sundial. This activity works best if you are home from sunrise to sunset. 

Build a Pop Bottle Ecosystem

Make a small ecosystem in a pop bottle. 

Catapult Paper Airplane

How far can you project your paper airplane?

Catapults and How They Work

SEEDS Recipe for Science

Celery Investigation

A fun science experiment using only celery and water

Cup Rocket Launcher

Experiment with different sizes of cups to see which launches the highest!

Design Challenge: Creating a Cup Tower 

Make a tower using only paper cups.

Design Challenge: Improve the School

Design a prototype for a item that will improve your school (or home). 

Dynamic Duos 

Learn about different types symbiotic relationships 

Every Tree for Itself 

What do trees need to grow? 

Fish Vocabulary Bingo  

30 game boards to practice fish vocabulary. 

Fun Fake Snow 

SEEDS recipes for science 

Frisbee Science

Tossing a frisbee is a great way to have fun in the sun 

Get the Point

Make your own compass

Good Buddies 

A matching game of symbiosis! 


Check you bearings to search for wildlife treasures

Holiday STREAM Fest  

A flurry of science and family fun! 

Hot Cocoa Science 

Determine how the temperture of water affects the rate at which hot cocoa mix dissolves

How to Build a Kite 

Directions for how to build pyramid and basic kites 

How to Read a Tree

Identify and learn about trees.  

Make an Ocean Ecosystem Dessert

Learn to make a cool and tasty version of an ocean ecosystem at home. 

Make Your Own Soap

Make bars of soap using the melt and pour method.

Make Your Own Trilobite

Color and make your a Triobite. Printing Required. Find out more about Trilobites here.

Michigan Mystery Animal Challenge 

Read the clues and try to determine the identity of this Michigan animal 

Plant Life Cycle

Learn about each stage of a plants life

Rubber Band-Powered Boats

Create a paddle boat using only cardboard, scissors, duct tape, and a rubber band. 

Sled Building

Use your physics knowlegde to design, build, and test sleds made of cardboard 

Solar S'mores

Create a solar oven that will cook a s'more. 

Teddy Bear Toss: Fun with Gravity

SEEDS Recipe for Science

Tipsy Tower: Engineering Challenge

SEEDS Recipe for Science

The Way of the Wind

Build your own weather vane to help observe changing weather.

The Plant Soil Relationship

Investigate the relationship between soil and plants 

Three Cheers for Trees 

Think about a world without trees

Under Pressure

Explore the weight and pressure of water

Will it Sink?

Experiment with bouyancy. 

Wild & Wonderful Rainforest

13 activites to learn about the levels on the rainforest and the animals that live there.

Winter Salt Watch

Request your FREE salt watch kit to find out whether road salt pollution in a problem in local body of water.