SEEDS Out-of-School Time

Social-Emotional Learning

15 Growth Mindset Questions

Questions to help develop a growth mindset  

5 Day Friendship Challenge 

Find a challenge buddy and go through the activities together  

A Box of Crayons

Celebrate diversity 


Act out these different animals, jobs, and adjectives with your family and see who can guess the most right.

Heart Labrynth

A Social-Emotional Learning virtual escape room created by SEEDS After School staff.

How are you Feeling? 

A healthy way to show feelings 

How do you Relate?

Explore the four styles of relating 

"I" Statements

An easy way to talk about feelings 

Identifying and Labelling Emotions

Activities to help identify and label the 12 major emotions

Joey the Kangaroo  

A very special coloring books for kids to help cope with COVID-19 

Make a Strength Chain

A fun craft to identify strengths 

Mind Maps of Self-Love 

Make a mind map of self love 

Self Image/Self Awareness

Gain self awareness  

Story Corps #1

Everyone has an important story to tell 

Story Corps #2

Effective interview techniques  

Story Corps #3

The power of active listening   

Story Corps #4

Identify and illustrate your personal assets    

The Helping Poem

The Helping Poem by Shel Silverstein, read by Sarah Shelp.

The Three Questions

The importance of being present and mindful 

Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love?

What do I Value?

Exploring personal values