SEEDS Out-of-School Time

Get Me Outside!


15 Fun Things to do Outside

Dig holes, collect acorns, build a fort, and more!

Ants on a Twig 

Explore the similarities and differences between ants and humans 

Arbor Day Activities 

Celebrate Arbor Day with this booklet of activities. 

Around the clock 

Build a sundial. This activity works best if you are home from sunrise to sunset. 

Backyard Birds Checklist 

See if you can spot these common backyard birds. Record the birds you see or hear on this chart 

Bird Songs

Click on the birds to hear their songs. See how many you can hear in your own backyard.  

Environmental Art Sculpture Challenge 

We invite your family to create environmental art sculptures 

Flower Press

Learn to make a flower press to save flowers, leaves and other plants. 

Garden Survey 

Check out your neighborhood gardens. Remember to practice social distancing. 

Growing Birdseed

Grow beautiful plants and help feed the birds 


Check you bearings to search for wildlife treasures

How Does my Garden Grow? 

Understand your garden through writing 

How to Compost at Home 

Video. Composting made simple.  

How to Read a Tree

Identify and learn about trees.  

Look Around You

Lets see what you can observe about wildlife from ground level. 

Map it Out

Practice mapping with what you can see and hear. 

Outdoor Photography Challenge  

Try out these photography techniques in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Skills: Building Shelters   

Learn how to build a survival shelter 

Safety First 

Spending time outside is fun, but keep an eye out for these hazards. 

Sled Building

Use your physics knowlegde to design, build, and test sleds made of cardboard 

The Plant Soil Relationship

Investigate the relationship between soil and plants 

The Way of the Wind

Build your own weather vane to help observe changing weather

Treasure Map 

Make a treasure map using a compass 

Tree Planting Activity  

Plant a tree as a family and grow some memories. 

Trees & Trash 

Celebrate Earth Day everyday  

Wildflower Challenge

The forest floor changes nearly every day as spring wildflowers reappear. Use these guidelines and the tracking sheet to observe and record the wildflowers you see and their different phases. You can also find the photos on the Forest Area Middle School page.

Winter Salt Watch

Request your FREE salt watch kit to find out whether road salt pollution in a problem in local body of water.