EcoCorps Q&A

Introducing our new name, SEEDS EcoCorps!

SEEDS EcoCorps, previously known as the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps, is a career exploration, workforce development program. We provide an earn-while-you-learn format to skills acquisition and practice leadership qualities. Crew members gain valuable work experience while improving their local communities.

Why change the name?

EcoCorps is a term that better fits all that our program does. We are focused specifically on implementation projects that benefit both our crew members and their communities. Additionally, we have found that using the word “Youth” in the program title can be a deterrent to young adults looking for quality job experiences.

I see you took the word ‘youth’ out of the title, will the program still hire youth?

Yes! Our program remains a training-centric experience and it also remains focused on career exploration. We will hire individuals as young as 16. There is no longer a maximum age cap, opening the program to anyone who wants to improve local ecosystems and gain new skills. We strive to minimize as many barriers as possible for our staff. Individuals who grow up without a lot of family or community resources sometimes struggle to succeed in comparable jobs. The culture of understanding and support at SEEDS, along with referrals to additional resources, creates opportunities to build employability skills.

Is the EcoCorps still focused on conservation efforts?

Ecology is our middle name! While conservation and preservation are cornerstones of environmental protection, SEEDS has always prioritized restorative and regenerative efforts that reverse habitat destruction and reverse global warming. Planet-first solutions - such as parks & trails, clean waters, rich soils, and old trees - are also good for human quality of life. We need to build more of these assets.

What kinds of projects does the EcoCorps do?

We are available to work for both public and private entities. Our work includes:

  • Habitat restoration
  • Historic preservation
  • Parkland improvement
  • Gardening and soil-building 
  • Small scale construction 
  • Trail (re)construction
  • Reforestation, & more!



What is a Green Collar career?

A Green-Collar Worker is someone employed in a career-track, family supporting job in an environmentally-friendly field. Think of blue-collar and white-collar jobs that have been upgraded to better respect the environment like waste management/recycling/composting officers, green builders, clean energy installers (efficiency, conservation & renewable technologies), organic farmers, ecology educators, mission-driven business managers, and others.

What do you mean by  Restoration and Regeneration?

Restoration and regeneration is the process of healing and strengthening an ecosystem so that its inhabitants can thrive there. It can happen in places such as forests, wetlands, and beaches. Restorative efforts can also positively impact places through practices like organic agriculture, waste management, and vacant lot clean ups.