Teaching & Learning

Hannah Bird, Site Coordinator

Fife Lake Elementary School

Hannah Bird is a native of Fife Lake and no matter where her ventures have led her, she has always returned to this tight-knit community. After studying Family Life Education, Hannah moved back to Fife Lake with her husband and pursued a grant funded position at Fife Lake Elementary. This position gave her one-on-one interactions with families to coordinate access to basic needs and support their social emotional needs. When the grant funding ran out, Hannah was devastated to leave the relationships that she had spent 2 years nurturing. As luck would have it, she was able to return to the place she loves, with the kids she cares about deeply, as Site Coordinator for SEEDS After School. She is now able to continue to create meaningful connections in a fun educational capacity. In Hannah's personal time she enjoys rock collecting and exploring our Great Lake State. Hannah's favorite things in the world are hearing her baby laugh hysterically at her dog playing fetch, hiking with her husband, and camping at their property in the U.P.