Teaching & Learning

Listten Wagner, Assistant Site Coordinator 

Forest Area Middle School 

Listten is a graduate from Northwestern Michigan College and is currently majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Freshwater Science and Sustainability at Western Michigan University. Her interest in education began when she had her mom as her second grade teacher and later on as her principal. Lissten's passion for the environment began when her family would visit their cabin every summer in the Traverse City area. Every summer she would run into Lake Michigan, build forts, and go hiking. As she grew up, she realized how important these resources are to our world and wanted to protect the Great Lakes and forests for future generations to come. Exploring and learning in a fun environment is very important to Listten; letting students create and question the world around them while learning new things is something she hopes to bring into the classroom. She also interned at Inland Seas School Ship where she helped students take samples and observe trends from invasive species in the Great Lakes. In 2017, she made the move from a small town downstate to Traverse City. She is excited to call this place her new home and is happy to share it with this great community and SEEDS!