Cherry Street Intermediate School


November Calendar



SEEDS After School has partnered with Cherry Street Intermediate since 2019. Although we are a relatively new site, we have very active and excited students. They bravely take on any project or activity that we present to them, and are just as willing to propose their own ideas and dreams for their program. The Cherry Street SEEDS staff are all dedicated to providing a safe environment for the fourth and fifth graders to learn and grow; we work adjacent to the Cherry Street school staff in order to accomplish many goals and provide an enriching experience for everyone involved. So far, Cherry Street SEEDS has expressed interest in gardening, environmental stewardship, science, robotics, space & more! We are proud to offer free meals, homework help, physical activity time, enrichment activities, and a space for reflection to our Kalkaska learners.



2:45-2:50 Check-In

2:50-3:20 Physical Activity

3:20-3:25 Grab locker stuff

3:25-3:35 Snack

3:35-3:55 Homework Help/Literacy

3:55-5:10 Activity/Project

5:10-5:40 Dinner

5:40-5:45 Clean/Reflection

5:45-6:00 Student pick-up


SEEDS Cherry Street Intermediate School Staff Contact:

Site Coordinator: Alexa Hill


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