Clean Energy Salon Series

For centuries, the energy marketplace has been focused on:
  • Centralizing power structures (large-scale power generation, financial controls);
  • Exponential growth in the demand for electricity and extractive additives (think fertilizer and concrete, for example);
  • Burning the btus of petroleum products, and
  • Socializing all the “externalities” including the real costs of public health, ecosystem resilience, indigenous governance structures, global climate stability, and so on.

To address these issues, SEEDS facilitated a salon series to elevate regional energy literacy, strengthen the platform for Clean Energy penetration into our regional marketplace, create quality time for problem solvers who are 'doing the work', and identify useful tools and information that can be more broadly shared.

To take full advantage of the multitude of multi-sector opportunities available, we believe this corner of Michigan can - and perhaps must - play a key role in the global transition to clean energy. 
Our way of life is literally at stake, a transition to clean habits is overdue, necessary, and imminent. Can we shift the balance on business-as-usual toward infrastructure that takes advantage of opportunities for stacked benefits - especially including quality of life? Will we choose quality of life for the 7th generation over the convenience of last year’s solutions?

Topic: Electric Vehicle Deployment

Question: "How can our region become the model for Rural Electric Vehicle deployment?"

Electric Vehicle Salon Summary

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Topic: Serving Our Neighbors Through Investments

Question: "How will we serve our neighbors, our waters, and our local economy by our investments in clean energy?"

Investments Salon Summary

Worldbank: Energy

How big is the energy efficiency resource?

The biggest resource we don't use


How much energy is consumed in US residential and commercial buildings?

Message to COP21 Leaders: Need solutions? Ask Nature!

9 Biomimcry Solutions for Climate Change

IMT Energy Opportunity Scan

State Profile and Energy Estimates: Michigan

National Association of Realtors: Energy Efficiency and Climate Change


Topic: Expansion Planning at Cherry Capital Airport

Question: "How can we make the next TVC terminal expansion define a new normal for energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable technology integration?"

Airport Salon Summary

Cherry Capital Airport Eyes Expansion, The Ticker