Clean Energy Art Challenge

SEEDS After School students brought clean energy to life through the Clean Energy Art Challenge! The purpose of the challenge was to provide hands-on environmental projects that inspire and empower children and youth as they engage in STEM/STEAM through the lens of clean energy (such as conservation, efficiency, and renewable technologies) as well as create works of art that demonstrate their learning. 
Participating SEEDS After School sites included Brethren Middle School, Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary, Forest Area Middle School, and Rapid City Elementary. During the Spring 2019 semester, the students engaged in a series of STEM-based lesson plans focused on the science of energy and clean energy technologies. After students completed the curriculum, they created artistic expressions of what they learned alongside professional artists.
In one lesson, students investigated through a series of design exercises how to creatively represent the idea of solar energy in two and three dimensions. Students used line, color shape and texture to interpenetrate solar energy and then made models of solar energy sculptures. In another lesson, students used small solar panels and motors to make gadgets that played musical instruments such as guitars and drums when placed in the sunshine.
Stay tuned for upcoming exhibit dates throughout this summer! The Clean Energy Art Challenge is a pilot program sponsored by SEEDS and the Consumers Energy Foundation.