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Safety is our number one concern. All day and overnight staff have been background checked. There will be a staff member present with the group at all times during planned programming. Participants may have solo time to walk the facility trails, however any solo excursions are at your own risk. Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center facilities are open to other groups and so participants will not be the only group at the site. Greilick follows strict staffing protocols to insure guest safety. There will be a First Aid and CPR trained staff member with the group every night and present during all outings.


Participants will be staying in one of Greilick’s bunkhouses. Bunkhouse accommodations will be co-ed with a shared, private restroom. A First Aid and CPR trained staff member will be staying overnight in the bunkhouse with participants. More information about the accommodations at Greilick can be found on its website.


All meals will be provided. Any food allergies will be addressed and accommodated as possible. All meals will be whole foods based, with limited additives, preservatives, and based in proper nutrition. Participants will be asked to help prepare meals and clean up from meals. Meal preparation is an additional learning opportunity for participants.

Safe Space:

This camp is a safe space for everyone. Discrimination or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Personal Time:

There will be personal time for 18+ participants every morning and evening. This is a great time read, journal or just relax. We ask that all participants respect the rules during this free time.


All transportation during the week will take place in LARA approved vehicles by licensed drivers. Participants will not be allowed to use these vehicles or transport other participants.

Activities and Participation (18+ and Day Participants):

Participation in all activities is encouraged, but not mandatory. If there is an activity that a participant is not comfortable with, other arrangements will be made to accommodate as best as possible. If an overnight participant chooses to not attend a field trip they will remain at Greilick unsupervised. If a day participant chooses not to attend a field trip then they will be sent home.

Technology Policy:

We would like this to be a week for personal growth and relaxation. For this reason we ask that tablets and laptops be left at home. Participants will be asked to keep cell phone use to a minimum. Headphones during off times are discouraged. Families are given on-site and staff contact information in case of emergencies.

Eligibility Agreement