Teaching & Learning

Kevin Kinnan, Site Coordinator

Benzie Central High School & Academy

Kevin Kinnan is the site coordinator for the Benzie Academy and Benzie Central High School, a place he has a special attachment to after spending 21 years there as a secondary science teacher. When Kevin was given the opportunity to return to Benzie for SEEDS he gladly accepted the challenge to make a positive impact for teens in a new way. Before Benzie, Kinnan taught a dozen years at an outdoor education center operated by the Saginaw Intermediate School District. Kevin and his wife Kimberly enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, and snowshoeing, especially in the Great Lake State, as well as exploring the American West while visiting their three grown children who reside there. As a loyal alumnus of Michigan State University, Kevin loves Spartan sports and the MSU Dairy Store Ice Cream that's made on site from the milk of campus cows.