In-kind Wish List

You have things?

Some things we need, and somethings we don't have room for. If you own a thing you think we may want, please drop a line and maybe a photo to! Below is a list of some of the items we know we are looking for:

  • Paring and bread knives
  • Nice table seating 4, suitable for co-working
  • More healthy houseplants, especially low maintenance varieties!
  • Flip-chart easels
  • Marion EcoSchool wish list


You possess skills?

SEEDS thrives in part because of people who poses specialized skills who want to coach and mentor our staff pro bono. If you want to spend some quality time sharing your knowledge and connections with our team, please drop a line to! Below is a list of some of the skills we know we could use:

  • Garage Sale Coordination Maven
  • Social Workers and other trained Youth Councelors
  • Construction Trades and Green Building Mentors
  • On-Demand Tech Support 
  • Business Development Mentors and experienced Investors