Future Plans at the Park
Our Vision

Based on our white-paper study of the top ten strategies to bring the entire Park toward carbon-neutrality, SEEDS has some big visions! Our key design constructs are building with energy efficiency and ecosystem repair. We partner with engineers, biologists, educators, and artists to create compelling designs and engage the SEEDS EcoCorps crew members as our primary installation crews.

Are you an angel who would like to see something of the following manifest? We need both financial support and skilled trades talent to make dreams a reality. Please contact us

  • Plumbing, insulation, and other renovations for the old Blacksmith Shop

  • Solar-ready roof upgrades for the Blacksmith Shop

  • Conditioned food storage capacity

  • Seasonal outdoor classroom and kitchen

  • Micro wind generation and exhibit

  • Carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture research and exhibits

  • Scaling compost operations

  • Wetland restoration and exhibits

  • A "Willow Way" garden and play area that demonstrates biomass capacity