Teaching & Learning Programs
All Ages, All the Time


We are not picky about the time of day or the age group. We just love to learn and to teach!

Our educators specialize in providing safe, socially and emotionally rich learning environments. From this base we branch out into a wide variety of subjects, coordinating with other teachers and their curricula and engaging with the broader community. We supply thousands of engaging student contact hours each year -- working with dozens of students each and every day who come from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Our favorite subjects include: 

  • STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) 

  • Cooking: working with scratch ingredients and eating for health!

  • Going Green: exploring Energy and Waste in fun ways

  • Getting Outside: combatting Nature Deficit Disorder

  • Life Skills: team-based problem solving, anger management, and other social skill development

Hire us!

We can bring curriculum to you! We have experience working with a variety of learners from 5-75 years old. Contact us to find out how our educators can serve you and your students – whether you are an Intermediate School District, a gathering of Homeschoolers, or a group of adults wanting more advanced learning! 

SEEDS After School 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Since 2009, we have been very fortunate to host 21st Century Community Learning Centers thanks to support from the Michigan Department of Education. This grant program allows us to provide free academic and cultural enrichment four days a week all year to selected partner schools. Over the years, thousands of K12 students have been greeted by name by our staff and shepherded into high quality, engaging, safe spaces to explore and learn. Every day, these students get dinner, healthy role models and mentors, and really fun hands-on activities. See some Key Statistics about this program.

SEEDS currently has After School programs at the following sites: