Place-Based Learning

SEEDS EcoSchool brings place-based learning opportunities to students across Northern Michigan. Teaching staff prioritize hands-on and outdoor activities that develop leadership, life skills, and resilience.

Since 2009, we have been very fortunate to host 21st Century Community Learning Centers thanks to support from the Michigan Department of Education. This grant program allows us to provide free out-of-school-time academic and cultural enrichment four days a week all year to selected partner schools. Over the years, thousands of K-12 students have been greeted by name by our staff and shepherded into high quality, engaging, safe spaces to explore and learn. Every day, these students get dinner, healthy role models and mentors, and really fun hands-on activities.


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Traditional & Ecological Knowledge Educators

Do you have experience with an Indigenous system of knowledge, traditions or practices known to this place within the NWMI territories of the Anishinaabe, Three Fires Confederacy lands? Are you passionate about regenerative ecology? Are you interested in sharing this knowledge with the next generation? Do you know what TEK stands for?

Whether you are an artist or a farmer, a biologist or a linguist, an Ojibwe, Odawa, Bodewadmi, a descendant, or non-tribal, if you answered yes to most of these questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Proposals Requested By: January 31, 2023

Fellowship Period: Minimum 3-months anytime between January 15 and July 31, 2023

Compensation: Fixed fee 1099 vendor. Sliding scale dependent on extent of scope and expertise; minimum $5,000

Interviews and Selection(s): Made during first quarter of 2023

Topics may include, but are definitely not limited to language, crafts, tools, geography, food systems, history, land management - you tell us! This is intended to be an opportunity for you to journey into your chosen field as much as it is a chance to share that experience with students.

Read the Full RFP Here

Creativity & Self-Expression
"I love that every single day we learn something new! We learn about crafts, painting, nature, and we get to go outside!" - Lillian, Elementary Student
IRL (In Real Life) Friendships

"I thought by joining SEEDS I could make new friends and do activities with different people. And it worked!" - Abby, High School Student
From Student to Mentor

"Some of my fondest memories come from several of the SEEDS events I participated in during high school. Needless to say, this organization has had a tremendous impact on my life's trajectory, and I wouldn't be where, or who, I am today had it not been for SEEDS." - Ben Kolk, SEEDS EcoSchool Alum
Bubbles Returns Home!

SEEDS EcoSchool students at Rapid City Elementary hosted a Nme (Lake Sturgeon in Anishinaabemowin) in their classroom and then escorted it to the Black River.