Carbon and Nature-Based Solutions

Make important decisions based on good data. SEEDS can help you quantify your impact on the planet and monitor your progress.

You deserve good data and you deserve to know if your actions are leading to the outcomes you desire! For nearly 20 years, SEEDS has supported the development of quantified research and action plans that lead to:

  • Energy Management for Cost Savings

  • Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technology Developments

  • Zero Waste Implementation

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

  • Carbon Drawdown

  • Institutional and Community Resilience

SEEDS staff is experienced in the latest US EPA modeling programs to develop an inventory of your systems. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a standardized inventory or a custom design, nor whether it is for an existing system or future operations. 

We engage with trusted engineers as well as educators to make sure our clients and partners get the information they need to make the most impactful and strategic choices. 

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Energy & Environment Resources
Clean Energy Salon Series
Select White Papers Include:

12 Local Solutions to Climate Change

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to reach record highs. Local solutions to this global challenge can look like the following list.

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Moving Needles in the Right Direction

"Through my internship at SEEDS, I discovered that I am really passionate about public policy and working with local governments." - Dana Pflughoeft, Undergraduate at St. Olaf College

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Carnegie Library Building Lights Upgraded

The City of Traverse City replaced 76 light fixtures at the historic Carnegie Library Building based on energy efficiency recommendations made by SEEDS, moving the City towards its operational goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2020. 

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