SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers
A multifaceted organization

Our History & Programs

SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1999 to implement local solutions to global issues at the intersection of ecology, education, and design. Through its staff, volunteers, and community partners, SEEDS makes a positive direct impact on hundreds of people each day. SEEDS work focuses on place-based activities that regenerate habitat, prevent carbon emissions, develop talent pipelines for green industries, and invest in the next generations. We use a few primary program categories to frame our work:



SEEDS EcoSchool brings place-based learning opportunities to students across Northern Michigan. Teaching staff prioritize hands-on and outdoor activities that develop leadership, life skills, and resilience.


SEEDS EcoCorps is a career exploration and workforce development program. Crew members serve their community while gaining valuable work experience and trades training. Our work includes historic preservation, parkland improvement, trail building, habitat restoration, small scale construction, reforestation, and more!

   Energy & Environment

SEEDS assists individuals and institutions with their 'green' goals by helping define and forecast the triple bottom line impacts of their choices and then coaching through implementation strategies. We regularly facilitate green teams and develop action plans to help partners reduce costs, reduce waste, and reduce their carbon footprint.

    Historic Barns Park

As a management partner of this public park in Traverse City, our mission comes alive in all its facets. We host school field trips, our EcoCorps crews help with build-out and maintenance projects, and Energy & Environment concepts and solutions are shared through exhibits, tours, and demonstrations.


Our work involves bringing these areas together, engaging stakeholders, and practicing strategies for change that have measurable outcomes. We invite you to learn more about our projects, our staff, and our work! See our Twentieth Anniversary Report to learn more.