Youth Corps


Leadership for the 21st Century

What is SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps?

Youth Conservation Corps empowers youth through service learning projects and development of green collar job skills. This team-based training program is modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s New Deal.  

Click here to see a film about SEEDS Youth Corps building a boardwalk at the Brown Bridge Quiet Area - Summer 2010

…a tough labor force.

Youth Corps teams work on labor-intensive conservation and stewardship projects. Teams are supervised by a SEEDS staffer who is skilled at the job you need done, including:

  • Land stewardship: invasive species control, planting, trails
  • Green construction: boardwalks, renovations
  • Energy efficiency: weatherization, monitoring, renewable tech
  • Small scale farming
  • Moving, painting, clearing, cleaning…and more 

…an educational experience.  

Youth Corps Team Leaders are trained to incorporate life-skills and academics into the workday. Members of SEEDS Youth Corps must demonstrate good attendance and discipline in school and on the job. In return, they are offered on-the-job training in green collar industries and benefits associated with the National Corps Network. 

What is Green Collar?

Green collar industries bring economic value to a community while also adding value to the natural resources and the social fabric of a community. Green collar jobs are 21st Century jobs. We prepare youth for quality jobs that will be available to them in the 21st Century. They know this and so they work hard at learning.   

Is SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps For Hire?

Hire a Youth Corps team and feel the double satisfaction of knowing that

  • Your hard job is done, and
  • You are supporting local youth development at the same time

If you have a project, we are happy to discuss a scope of work and bid. A full Youth Corps team generally includes six students supervised by a skilled adult Team Leader. You can contract for as little as half a team and as few as four hours.

SEEDS Youth Corps has completed projects for parks, land conservancies, municipal government bodies, conservation districts, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Contact us to discuss your project, timing, and budget. References are available.


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Learn more about The National Corps Network!

Established in 1985, The Corps Network is the voice of the nation's 143 Service and Conservation Corps. Currently operating in 45 states and the District of Columbia, Corps annually enroll more than 30,000 young men and women in service every year. Corps annually mobilize approximately 227,000 community volunteers who in conjunction with Corpsmembers generate 21.3 million hours of service every year.