Green Construction

From LEED Certification to Living Buildings

We are expert at bringing together collaborative bodies who design creative and cost effective solutions, no matter the design challenge. In fact, the more difficult the challenge, the better our questions become.

We can simply review and comment on your plans or we can convene and facilitate your entire design team, whether for a new subdivision or a small renovation. Count on us to prioritize appropriate technologies, energy efficiency, waste management, and water resources. Our goal is to reduce your building's ecological footprint within the budget that you have. 

We help our clients think outside of ‘the box'. There are no wastes, only wasted resources. It's that simple!

Green Building Research and Materials Consulting

We help clients find the products and materials that meet their needs, whether for a single project or an entire development. From the foundation to the roof, there are a growing number of products that are

  • durable,
  • available locally,
  • energy efficient, and
  • non-toxic

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies

Let SEEDS connect you to top experts in the fields of efficiency and renewable systems. If you design it right the first time, you won't waste money, time or the environment through bad building practices that leak heat or technologies that needlessly waste electricity.

Post-Occupancy Surveys and Evaluation

Once your building is built, how do you know if it is functioning properly? SEEDS can create and implement tools to measure the effectiveness of your building project and the satisfaction of its occupants. This is a form of project evaluation and reporting that many funders look for.