General Information

Designing With Biology

Solutions that Enhance Ecosystems

Our underlying design challenge is to help reconnect a community with where its water, energy, and food come from as well as where the waste and wastewater go.

When you hire SEEDS, you hire professionals bent on reconnecting society and its infrastructure for urban, suburban, rural and wild communities. 


  • Seeks solutions predicated on balanced ecological, economic, and social exchanges
  • Minimizes the toxicity of all outputs
  • Promotes systems that are restorative with closed loops and no ‘waste’, and
  • Fosters learning, equity, locality, vitality and interdependence

Our engineering and design staff utilize a holistic and participatory approach and can engage key stakeholders throughout the entire design process. The ultimate success of a project is evaluated not only on the success of the system design and installation but also on how effectively the design is coordinated, implemented, and shared with the community.

If you would like to become a SEEDS client, please give us some information about the type of work you would like done!

To stay aware of latest research and trends as well as supplement one another’s services, we have a non-formal relationship with experts in sustainable technologies and design. We often collaborate with partners when submitting proposals and scopes of work in order to draw on the diversity and symbiosis of networked partners for strength, security, and success. Together, staff and partners bring to your project a rich collection of expertise tailored to seek solutions to your unique design challenge.

Our Current Professional Partners

  • Natural Systems International
  • Matson Environmental
  • NW Michigan Council of Local Governments
  • Sustainable Energy Services
  • Paradigm Energy
  • Yestermorrow Design/Build School
  • Neahtawanta Research and Education Center