Energy & Environmental Analysis

greenhouse gas emissions grand traverse county
greenhouse gas emissions grand traverse county

Quantifying the Impacts of Our Choices

SEEDS can help you make important decisions for your operations or purchasing based on a holistic, full life-cycle analyses. We can also set you up to monitor your own progress and quantify your impact on the planet.

A white paper created by SEEDS' engineer, Barton Kirk found that, "For Grand Traverse County, we conservatively projected $212 million saved over 30 years and the creation of 76 jobs annually by focusing on a just few key energy efficiency opportunities." You can download the Energy Efficiency and Economic Opportunity in Grand Traverse County white paper here. This paper was created by SEEDS and MLUI in June 2012.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis

The debate over human-induced global climate change is over. Changes in the way greenhouse emissions are regulated and valued have huge implications for the way businesses and services are run as well as for the quality of our life on earth. SEEDS can prepare you to be proactive in this changing climate and marketplace. We prefer to work at the institutional scale rather than the single home.

SEEDS staff is experienced in the latest US EPA modeling programs to develop an inventory of your systems. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a standardized inventory or a custom design, nor whether it is for an existing system or future operations.  More information>>

We’ll help you create a system for efficiently monitoring your emissions and an action plan for reduction tailored specifically for you. Implement only the most promising strategies to achieve compliance and success - on budget!

Sustainability Auditing

Do you like to think bigger than the latest trend? A full sustainability audit will go beyond your greenhouse gas emissions profile to identify resource inputs and waste outputs in a wide range of areas including energy, water, materials, purchasing and operations. 

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA is a method of accounting for the environmental impacts - including all externalities - of a product, service, or process over the course of its life cycle. Life cycle assessment, in concert with life cycle cost analysis, offers a powerful tool for maximizing environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency.

Engage in a holistic or targeted LCA. Whether an existing or a planned process, product, facility, or operation, SEEDS can help you identify, manage, and prevent detrimental economic, environmental, and human health impacts.  

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

LCC provides an analysis of financial issues over the entire life cycle of a given product or service, not just a specific fiscal period. Understand the long-term economic consequences of your options by factoring the

  • costs of acquisition,
  • operation and maintenance,
  • recycling, reuse, and resale,
  • end-of-life and disposal, and
  • long-term market trends

Finances often drive the choice between products and project alternatives. Increasingly, people and managers are making fiscally responsible choices based on long-term accounting rather than simply looking at initial, upfront costs alone. Maximize the long-term value of your efforts and investments with LCC analysis.

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