Ecological Engineering

Technical Research and Design Solutions

SEEDS takes design inspiration from our home planet, Earth, who has been designing infrastructure for millenia: transportation services, water cleansing, shelters, and food systems. We work with clients, their engineers and designers, and regulatory agencies to create creative and cost effective solutions.

Our staff specializes in water and wastewater design and engineering and we regularly partner with other specialty designers. We help our clients think 'out of the box' - or rather that there is no box! 

Water and Wastewater Treatment

We promote systems that retain and increase the quality of water by encouraging water reuse, infiltration, and appropriate technologies such as constructed wetlands, composting toilets, and greywater systems. Any output seen as a waste-product can also be seen as a resource input for another system. This includes wasted stormwater, greywater from sinks and laundry, and blackwater from toilets and disposals. These waters are usually loaded with benefits for your landscape, your farm and your groundwater table.

Water Reduction and Reuse

We can assist your efforts to reduce cost and environmental impact by helping design new facilities or retrofit existing facilities that think differently about water. Use less water and leave it cleaner than you found it!

Riparian Restoration

Tired of the same old rip-rap hardscape solution? Stem erosion and build habitat at the same time with ecological design.

Humans and rivers can affect each other in adverse ways. Agriculture, forestry, and urban development can impair streams and rivers. Rivers and streams can flood, erode, and threaten the built environment. We strive to create balanced solutions to river-related problems that concurrently support a healthy natural environment and provide realistic and sustainable outcomes for human needs. 


Don't culvert this valuable resource away from your property! Designs that let stormwater infiltrate naturally back into the groundwater table are often cost effective and enhance your landscape.