Black Locust Poles For Sale

Nontoxic + Naturally Decay Resistant Michigan Grown Wooden Poles

About Black Locust

Black Locust posts have been known to last as long as 100 years in the ground! While straight posts are available, the Black Locust grows with some twist and quirks. This wood is very heavy, providing strength and durability. This combined with its rot resistance makes it the ideal choice for fencing, boardwalks, hops yards, and landscaping. Delivery and installation are available for additional cost. Custom lengths, milled posts, fencing, and decking materials are available. Poles are generally sold unseasoned with the bark on and sight graded by us. Your purchase of these materials goes to support SEEDS Youth Corps. Discounts are available when contracting SEEDS Youth Corps for installation! 

Please Note: 

If your order will need to be shipped more than 150 miles from Traverse City, Michigan it is unlikely that will be able to fill your order beacuse of the challenges with delivery costs that we've had in the past. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Length (4”-5”tops)

Premium add on for 6”-8” tops

Price per post.
















Milled Lumber Lengths - $2.50/board foot – up to 8ft.

-       $3.00/board foot for longer lengths up to 12ft.

-       4”x 4”x 8’ - $27.50

-       3.5” x 3.5” x 8’ - $22.50


Flooring - $7.85/sq. ft.

Please allow 3 months of lead time on flooring requests. 

Please contact Bill Watson for more information.