Black Locust

Black Locust Poles for Sale

Nontoxic + Naturally Decay-Resistant Michigan Grown Wooden Poles


About Black Locust

Black Locust (robinia pseudoacacia) is classified by the USDA as “strong, hard and extremely durable.” It has been utilized for fencing, mine timbers, landscaping, and waterscaping for over 100 years.

Black Locust is leading the industry as a sustainable choice for building material. Compared to pressure treated lumber of all kinds, Black Locust is the superior choice!

  • It is naturally rot resistant and can outlast treated lumber by 60-80 years!

  • Pressure treated lumber is created with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals and high embodied energy.

  • Using Black Locust instead can be key to reducing the amount of chemicals in builders’ waste and a cost effective way to meeting Organic Certification in agricultural contexts.

An extremely dense wood, Black Locust can also be unusual to work with if you are used to pine and even hard maple. Tough fibers require a few key tools and techniques during installation; don’t worry, we’ll show you how! The upfront investment is worth it because finishes and other treatments are not necessary to ensure the longevity of your project even in the wettest conditions. Black Locust’s longevity and durability is provided by nature!


  • Naturally Rot Resistant!

  • Durable as hell!

  • The Wood that Built Colonial America and Fish Town!

  • Purchases through SEEDS support our mission!

  • Cost competitive with pressure treated posts and poles!

  • Rough lumber is cost competitive with cedar, redwood, Ipe and other imports

Consider hiring the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps for your Black Locust installation. Our crews specialize in working with Black Locust and your purchase of these materials goes to support the youth and our project initiatives.

Discounts are available when contracting SEEDS Youth Corps for installation.


Hops Poles/Posts

Options: 22' poles, 4" and 8" in diameter 

Price: $42 per pole, negotiable for bulk orders 

Milled Rough Cut Lumber 


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