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Welcome to Suttons Bay!

The SEEDS 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC) is an after school program for High School and Middle School students at Suttons Bay Schools. Programming will run Monday through Thursday 3 to 6 pm, with special events and other programs that will fall outside of this time frame.

The 5-year CLC grant is designed to be an outside-the-box program with opportunities for students to play sports, get academic help, go on field trips, have hands-on learning experiences, and for families to participate in fun and educational activities.

The CLC has great things in store for students and families during the afternoon and evening hours at Suttons Bay Schools. Be sure to register your student as soon as possible, so they can participate in these great opportunities. Registration packets can be found in both the Middle School and High School offices.  

Parents, volunteers, and other community members are encouraged to check out what we’re doing! For up-to-date after school news and photos, please Like us on Facebook or check out our videos on

Amelia Mayhew                                      Nick Florip
Suttons Bay HS Coordinator                   Suttons Bay MS Coordinator

Candle Making

Check the video made by one of our favorite photographers: Elizabeth Conley

SEEDS from Elizabeth Conley on Vimeo.

Slideshow of our Latest Photos

This slideshow collects photos taken at the SEEDS After School program in Suttons Bay. For information about each photo or to view more photos please visit our Picasa account!