Cooking Matters

The Cooking Matters Program

Our Cooking is Fueled by Volunteers!

The Cooking MattersTM program is designed to utilize volunteer chefs, nutritionists, and cooks to implement its programs. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of people at risk of hunger, we would love to have your help. To volunteer or to find out more information, please contact Jana Lanning, 21st CCLC Afterschool Project Director, at 231.357.6896 or

What is Cooking MattersTM?

Cooking MattersTM teaches teens and families how to prepare and shop for healthy meals. Three different programs are presently available. 

  • The Family program offers school age children and their families the opportunity to learn about healthy meals as a family working together in the kitchen.
  • The Adult program offers adults the opportunity to learn how to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families.
  • The Teen program offers middle and high school students the opportunity to learn to cook healthy snacks and meals for themselves, their siblings, and their families.

Through hands-on classes taught by actual chefs and nutritionists, participants will learn how to select and prepare nutritious meals. Each course includes six weekly two-hour sessions designed to give class attendees the strategies necessary to make healthy food choices and prepare low-cost, healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Cooking Matters LogoCooking MattersTM is a program of the Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, is operated locally by SEEDS, and is funded by General Mills. We also collaborate with Michigan State University Extension and Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan. It's purpose is to promote short- and long-term solutions to hunger and poverty through education. Cooking MattersTM provides individuals and families with the cooking, nutrition, and food budgeting skills necessary for them to make healthy and economical food choices. Learn more about Cooking MattersTM at