Kaleva Norman Dickson

Welcome to Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary!

Expect to have a lot of fun at the SEEDS After School program at Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary! With forty-six active third, fourth and fifth-graders and a full-agenda every week, the kids stay super busy!

Our focus this year is on math, science and art. In math we have been exploring metric weight, multiplication arrays, as well as learning fun math games. To explore topics such as money and practice adding and substracting large numbers, we played "Bobcat the Game of Life" where students deal with bills, salaries, and unexpected financial penalties. There is also a fun chance to win stickers if students answer the SEEDS Daily Stumper, posted each day on the door.

Because we love being green here at KND, everyone is learning what the arrows mean on the bottom of plastic containers. We decided to start a recycling program at our school to recycle some of the water bottles we saw being thrown in the trash. Using recycled paper from the office shredder, we created bowls to use at our Thanksgiving meal.

Our art projects have included spirit rocks, shadow painting, and creating posters for our recycling program. Between cooking with Erin on Mondays and Martial Arts class on Tuesdays, our students have a full slate of fun, enriching activities. So, if you are in the Brethren area, come in and pay us a visit and see what a terrific group of kids we have here at KND!  

Program & Daily Schedule

SEEDS runs Monday thru Thursdays after school. A typical day with SEEDS looks like: 

3:30 - 4:00 -- Snack in the Cafetorium

4:00 - 5:00 -- Homework Help

5:00 - 6:30 -- Choice of 2 clubs

**Students can participate with SEEDS once they have completed the SEEDS registration.


SEEDS Brethren Staff Information:

Denise Connolly, Site Director | denise@ecoseeds.org | 231-477-5355 x107

Joe Strouse, AmeriCorps VISTA | joe@ecoseeds.org | 231-477-5354 x125

Kristi Garlets, AmeriCorps VISTA | kristi@ecoseeds.org | 231-477-5354 x125