Frequently Asked Questions

How does SEEDS measure our impact on the community?

Download our 2013 Annual Report and read about us. We highlight some of our community programs, talk about how we measure our triple bottom line metrics, and share other information you might find interesting.

Is SEEDS an acronym? For what?

Technically, yes, our name stands for Seeking Ecology Education and Design Solutions. As you can see, Ecology, Education, and Design are our middle names. But you can just call us SEEDS.

Are you hiring?

When we are hiring, we try to be obvious about it. You would see a link on our home page. We do keep resumes on file.

Are your services for hire?

Yes!  We are happy to talk with you about your project. If SEEDS is a good fit, we will draft and submit a scope of work to you or your business. Remember, we employ expert engineers, facilitators, and teams of youth so we offer a lot of services.

I have questions about your After School programs.

Please see this page.

How are you funded?

Our revenue is generated in three primary ways. Currently, the majority of our funding is grant derived. A close runner up, our fees for services delivered provide significant income to the organization. The third leg of our financial stool comes from direct donations. 

How can I donate or support SEEDS?

Please see this page.

Where does my donation go?

We are so glad you asked! Our overhead is kept remarkably low, allowing us to stay nimble and effective at a grassroots level. Nevertheless, we need our General Fund to maintain our infrastructure, which includes things like lights and phones as well as professional development opportunities and time spent on research & development.

We can tell you definitively that over 80% of our expenses are spend on real people and businesses owned by real poeple in the state of Michigan; about 75% are spent within 100 miles of our home office. That number does not count shopping trips to our local Staples, as it is not owned by a real person. We don’t include petrol/fuel purchases as local either. So, when dollars come to SEEDS those dollars stick around!

You may also choose to direct your gift to support a particular program or project. For example you can become a sponsor of the Great Lakes Bioneers.

How do you measure your impact in the community?

We strive to understand our impact in a balanced and holistic manner. Therefore, we take both quantitative and qualitative measures into account in three Capital areas: Financial, Social, and Ecological.

What's an In-Kind Donation?

In-Kind donations are goods and services gifted to SEEDS, rather than cash. We track all donations, including in-kind.  Pro bono services and volunteer hours are logged just as are donations of canoes, furniture, and the like. See our Wish List!

If I donate will you inundate me with a great many paper products?

We will not send a lot of paper to your mail box. At most, you'll receive small invitations to events, thank you notes, and up to two letters per year. You'll have opportunities to tell us that you prefer or that you do not prefer snail mail. Please also note that we generally use 100% post consumer waste or tree free papers. We hope you do the same! Here's where you can tell us what you want to know about.

Can I hire Youth Conservation Corps to work for me or my organization?

Absolutely. A full Youth Corps team generally includes six students and one adult team leader. You can hire as little as half a team for as few as four hours.

SEEDS Youth Corps has completed projects for parks, conservancies, municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Contact Bill Watson to discuss your project, timing, and budget. We are happy to provide references.